Course Summary

Connecting with others is hard! The good news is there are specific actions we can take that make it possible, fun, and fruitful. Join us for an 18-minute interactive experience that will guide you to better understand your natural inclinations around connection and tips that will help you build powerful connections in the workplace and beyond. 


  • Defining Connection
  • Discovering Our Core Connecting Choice
  • Understanding Why Connecting With Others is Challenging
  • 3 Solutions To Help You Connect With Anyone

*Note From the Teacher*

While we welcome you to enjoy this course alone, we believe you will have the most meaningful discoveries if you put this course on a big screen, gather around, and travel this journey together.

No big screen is required, bring your friend, coworker, significant other, or any other human you want to learn with, and gather around your computer to learn and grow together!

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